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Categories: Specials

Samsung Laptop Charger (AC Adapter)  Power Supply Cord60w Pin Size 5.5mm x 3mm (With Pin Inside

Product Description

Input: 100-240V ~ 1.1A 50-60 Hz

Output: 19V, 3.16A

Connecter size: 5.5mm*3.0mm (with pin inside)

Power: 60W

Color: Black

Package include:

1 x Samsung ADP-60ZH A AD-6019 60W 19V 3.16A 5.5*3.0mm AC Adapter Laptop Charger
1 x Power cord
Compatible with:

504030-015, 504030-016, AA-PA0N90W/E, AA-PA0N90W/UK, AD-6019, AD-6019(V)
AD-6019A, AD-6019R, AD-8019, AD-9019S, AP11AD002, API1AD02

Samsung 6000,Samsung AD-9019,Samsung Corona,Samsung M50,Samsung N350,Samsung NF310-A01,Samsung NP-N110-KA01DE,Samsung NP-NC20-KA02DE,Samsung NP-Q45,Samsung NT-X11,Samsung P460-42P,Samsung Q320-32P,Samsung Q35,Samsung Q40,Samsung Q430-JU01,Samsung QX410-J01,Samsung R40,Samsung R522-52S,Samsung R540-JA02,Samsung R620-63G,Samsung RV510-A01,
Samsung SN6000,Samsung T10,Samsung V20,Samsung VM6000,Samsung WNBT21

Samsung GT7000 Series,
Samsung GT7700 Series,Samsung GT8000 Series,
Samsung GT8100 Series

Samsung 8000 Series 8000GS, 8000SN, 8000VN

Samsung A10 Series A10 DXT, A10 XTC, A10

Samsung Aquila Series Aquila C, Aquila

Samsung GT6000 Series GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360 GT6360XT, GT6400, GT6400XV

Samsung GT8600 Series GT8600, GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT
Samsung GT8700 Series
GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750,
GT8750XT, GT8750XV

Samsung GT8800 SeriesGT8800, GT8800XT, GT8800XV, GT8850, GT8850XT, GT8850XTD

Samsung GT8900 Series GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR,GT8910, GT8910KXV

Samsung GT9000 SeriesGT9000 PRO, GT9000

Samsung M40 Series M40 plus, M40
Samsung M55 Series M55G000/SUK, M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo,M55-Pro T7200 Booker, M55T000,M55T000/SUK, M55T001

Samsung N110 Series N110-12PBK, N110-anyNet N270 BBT

Samsung N120 Series
N120-12GBK, N120-12GW, N120-anyNet N270 BBT, N120-anyNet N270 BN59, N120-anyNet N270 WBT,
N120-anyNet N270 WN59

Samsung N130 SeriesN130-13B, N130-13P, N130-anyNet N270 B3N,N130-anyNet N270 BN7, N130-anyNet N270 WN,N130-anyNet N270 WN7, N130-anyNet N270BN,N130-anyNet N280BN

Samsung N140 SeriesN140-14B, N140-14R, N140-anyNet N270 BNBT21,
N140-anyNet N270

Samsung N150 Series N150-Eliah, N150-Eom 3G, N150 Plus

Samsung N220 SeriesN220-Maroh, N220-Marvel, N220-Mito

Samsung N310 SeriesN310, N310-13GB, N310-13GO, N310-anyNet N270 BBT, N310-anyNet N270 MBT

Samsung N510 Series N510-anyNet N270 WBT21, N510-BN7BT, N510-Mika 3G, N510-Mika, N510-Mila , N510-Mino

Samsung NB30 Series NB30, NB30-Pro Palm Touch, NB30-Pro Palm

Samsung NC10 Series NC10-11GP, NC10-12PWBK, NC10-13,NC10-13GB, NC10-14GB, NC10-14GBK, NC10-14GW, NC10-anyNet N270 A,
NC10-anyNet N270 B, NC10-anyNet N270 BBT, NC10-anyNet N270 BH, NC10-anyNet N270 WBT, NC10-anyNet N270 WH, NC10-anyNet N270W

Samsung NC110 Series NC110-A01, NC110-A02, NF110

Samsung NC20 SeriesNC20-21GBK, NC20-anyNet U2250 WBT

Samsung NF210 Series NF210, NF210-A01, NF210-A02, NF210-A03

Samsung NP Series NP30, NP-Q1, NP-Q1U,NP-Q30 Plus, NP-Q35, NP-Q70,NP-R50, NP-X20, NP-X60

Samsung NP-N120 Series NP-N120-KA01DE, NP-N120-KA02DE,NP-N120-KA05DE, NP-N120-KA06DE

Samsung NP-N130 Series NP-N130-ET01DE, NP-N130-JA01DE,NP-N130-JA02DE, NP-N130-KA01DE,NP-N130-KA02DE, NP-N130-KA03DE,

Samsung NP-N140 SeriesNP-N140-KA01DE, NP-N140-KA03DE

Samsung NP-N150 Series NP-N150-JA03DE

Samsung NP-N220 SeriesNP-N220-JA02DE, NP-N220-JA03DE,NP-N220-JA04DE

Samsung NP-N310 Series NP-N310, NP-N310-KA01DE

Samsung NP-N510 SeriesNP-N510-HAZ1DE, NP-N510-JA03DE,NP-N510-JA05DE, NP-N510-JB01DE,NP-N510-JB02DE, NP-N510-KA02DE,

Samsung NP-NB30 SeriesNP-NB30-JA01DE, NP-NB30-JA02HK,NP-NB30-JT01DE

Samsung NP-NC10 Series NP-NC10-KA01DE, NP-NC10-KA03DE, NP-NC10-KA05DE, NP-NC10-KA06DE,

Samsung NP-X420 SeriesNP-X420-AA01DE, NP-X420-FA02DE,NP-X420-JA02DE, NP-X420-JA03D

Samsung NP-X520 Series NP-X520-AA01DE, NP-X520-FA03DE, NP-X520-JB02DE

Samsung P Series P28, P30, P35, P40

Samsung P50 Series P50, P50-Pro T2400 Tytahn, P50-Pro T2600 Tygah, P50-Pro T5500 Tahlia,P50T001, P50T001/SUK,P50T002/SUK, P50TV02

Samsung P560 Series P560 AA02, P560 AA03, P560 AA04, P560,P560-52P, P560-54G, P560-54P, P560-AA01NL,P560-AA02BE, P560-AA02NL, P560-AA03BE,P560-AA03NL, P560-AA04NL, P560-AA05BE P560-HS01BE

Samsung Q1 Series Q1, Q1 Ultra, Q1 Ultra- Q1EX Ultra, Q1U R20, Q1U Ultra

Samsung Q210 SeriesQ210 AS01, Q210 AS05, Q210 FS01Q210-AS01BE, Q210-AS01NL, Q210-AS02BE, Q210-AS03BE, Q210-AS05NL, Q210-FA02BE,Q210-FS01NL
Samsung Q30 Series Q30 plus, Q30

Samsung Q310 Series Q310-AS03DE, Q310-AS03TR

Samsung R20 Series R20-Aura T2350 Declan, R20-Aura T7200 Deva,

Samsung R610 Series R610 AS02, R610 AS03, R610 AS04, R610 AS05,R610 AS06, R610 AS07, R610 AS08, R610 FS02,
R610-62G, R610-6G, R610-AS01BE, R610-AS01DE,R610-AS02BE, R610-AS02NL, R610-AS03BE, R610-AS03NL,
R610-AS04NL, R610-AS05BE, R610-AS05NL, R610-AS06BE R610-AS06NL, R610-AS07NL, R610-AS08NL, R610-FS01BE,R610-FS02NL

Samsung R Series R50, R55

Samsung R45 Series R45/M00/SUK, R45/M01/SUK, R45K002/SUK, R45-Pro C1600 Buliena, R45R001,R45R001/SUK, R45R002
Samsung R505 Series R505 FS02, R505 FS03, R505 FS04,R505-FS01BE, R505-FS02NL, R505-FS03DE, R505-FS03NL, R505-FS04NL
Samsung R510 Series R510 AS01, R510 AS04, R510 AS05, R510 AS07 R510 AS08, R510 FA01, R510 FA02, R510 FA06,
R510 FA07, R510 FA09, R510 FA0E, R510 FS01,R510 FS08, R510 FS09, R510 FS0A, R510 XS01,R510-AS01BE, R510-AS01NL, R510-AS02NL, R510-AS04BE,R510-AS04NL, R510-AS05BE, R510-AS05NL, R510-AS07NL R510-AS08NL, R510-FA01BE, R510-FA01NL, R510-FA02BE R510-FA02N, R510-FA03BE, R510-FA04BE, R510-FA06NL, R510-FA07NL, R510-FA09NL, R510-FA0ENL, R510-FS01BE,R510-FS01NL, R510-FS08NL, R510-FS09NL, R510-FS0ANL, R510-XS01NL

Samsung R65 Series R65, R65T000/SUK, R65T003/SUK, R65TV01/SUK

Samsung R710 Series R710 AS01, R710 AS02, R710 AS08, R710 AS0A,R710 AS0B, R710 AS0D, R710 FA01, R710 FS01 R710-AS01BE, R710-AS01NL, R710-AS02NL,R710-AS03BE, R710-AS05BE, R710-AS06BE,R710-AS08NL, R710-AS0ANL, R710-AS0BNL R710-AS0DNL, R710-FA01NL, R710-FA02BE, R710-FS01BE, R710-FS01NL

Samsung RF510 Series RF510-S01, RF510-S02

Samsung Sens Series Sens 900, Sens 950, Sens Pro 680,Sens Pro 850, Sens V10 Sens 690, Sens 820, Sens 830,

Samsung VM6300 Series VM6300, VM6300cT

Samsung VM7000 Series VM7650cXTD, VM7700, VM7700XTD VM7650cXTD, VM7700, VM7700XTD VM7600cT, VM7650, VM7650cT,
VM7550, VM7550cT, VM7600,

Samsung VM8000 Series VM8080cXT, VM8090cT, VM8090cXTD, VM8095cX

Samsung VM8100 Series VM8100cX, VM8100cXTD, VM8100XTD VM8110cXTD, VM8110XTC

Samsung X Series X05, X05 Plus, X1,X1, X10, X10, X10 plus, X1-1200 Bliss, X15, X15 plus, X20, X22, X30,X50, X50 WVM 2000

Samsung X11 Series X11, X11c-T5600 Calest, X11c-T7200 Carlin,X11-Pro T2600 Baviall, X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi,X11-Pro T7400 Bennett, X11-T2300 Carl, X11-T2300 Culesa, X11-T5500 CeSeba

Samsung X120 Series X120-Aura SU7300 Akio, X120-Aura SU7300 Avion

Samsung X360 Series
X360 AA02, X360 AA03, X360-AA02DE,X360-AA02NL, X360-AA03BE, X360-AA03NL,X360-AA07BE, X460-AS03NL

Samsung X420 Series X420-Aura SU2700 Aven, X420-Aura SU3500 Anno, X420-Aura SU4100 Kami, X420-Aura SU4100 Logan

Samsung X460 Series X460 AS03, X460 FA01, X460-41P, X460-41S,X460-42PW

Samsung X520 Series X520-Aura SU2700 Addi, X520-Aura SU3500 Alon, X520-Aura SU4100 Akiva

Samsung X60 Series
X60, X60-Pro T2600 Becudo, X60-Pro T7200 Benito,X60-Pro T7400 BoxxerX60TV03, X60TZ01/SUK,X60TZ02/SUK, X60TZ03X460-FA01NL

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