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Replacement Samsung laptop charger 12V 3.33A 40W 2.5*0.7mm

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Replacement Samsung laptop charger 12V 3.33A 40W 2.5*0.7mm

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Replacement Samsung laptop charger 12V 3.33A 40W 2.5*0.7mm

Additional Information

SKU  ASAM12333
Compatible Brand  Samsung
Manufacturer  eclone Savers
Output Voltage  12V
Amps  3.33A
Output Power (Watt)  40W
Connector Tip  2.5*0.7mm
Color  Black

Compatible Model  

Samsung A12-040N1A A12040N1A AA-PA2N40W
AA-PA3N40W AA-PA3N40W/US AD-4012
AD-4012NHF ADP-40MH AB ATIV Smart PC 500T
ATIV Smart PC 500T1C ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T1C
BA44-00262A BA44-00286A Chromebook 11.6-Inch 3G
Chromebook 11.6-Inch Wi-Fi Chromebook XE303C12-A01 Chromebook XE303C12-A01UK
Chromebook XE303C12-A01US Chromebook XE303C12-H01UK Chromebook XE303C12-H01US
XE500T1C XE500T1C-A01AU XE500T1C-A01CN
XE500T1C-A01DE XE500T1C-A01FR XE500T1C-A01NL
XE500T1C-A01UK XE500T1C-A01US XE500T1C-A02UK
XE500T1C-A02US XE500T1C-A03DE XE500T1C-A03UK
XE500T1C-A03US XE500T1C-A04US XE500T1C-H01DE
XE500T1C-H01UK XE500T1C-H02DE XE500T1C-H02ID
XE500T1C-H02UK XE500T1C-H03UK XE500T1C-HA2US
XE700T1C-A01 XE700T1C-A01AU XE700T1C-A01CN
XE700T1C-A01UK XE700T1C-A01US XE700T1C-A02
XE700T1C-A02AU XE700T1C-A02DE XE700T1C-A02UK
XE700T1C-A02US XE700T1C-A03UK XE700T1C-A03US
XE700T1C-A04UK XE700T1C-A04US XE700T1C-A05UK
XE700T1C-H01UK XQ500T1C-A52 XQ500T1C-A53
XQ500T1C-A54 XQ500T1C-F51 XQ500T1C-F53
XQ700T1C-A52 XQ700T1C-A53 XQ700T1C-A54
XQ700T1C-F52 XQ700T1C-F53 XQ700T1C-F54

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