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Wireless Game Controller With Wireless PC Receiver For Xbox 360


Keyboard and Mouse Adapter For Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/ PS4/ PS3


Lite Grip Stand For Nintendo Switch Mini NS (Black)


10-in-1 Protective Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite (Protection Kit)


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Portable PXP Station Light With USB Charging Cable


Multi-Function Handheld Game for POWKIDDY X16 Portable Handheld Game (Black)


Gaming Parts & Accessories

With gaming now officially being the most popular form of entertainment on the planet, we ensure that our customers get the best deals on game accessories. Our suppliers provide us with gaming accessories from the major players in the game industry namely; Microsoft and Sony ranging with the Xbox one, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Nitendo. Whether you are a fan of handheld, PC, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation console games, we’ve got you covered with all the cables, thumb grips, controllers and AC adapters needed to make your gaming experience sensational. Offering products of satisfactory quality, PayPheap has grown in loyal gaming customers that always come back for more gaming accessories.

PS4 Vs Xbox One Controller

You need a good controller to play games, and both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have them. The Xbox One is a slightly updated version of the Xbox 360 controller, with a more rounded feel and trigger buttons that offer individual force feedback. The DualShock 4, the PS4's controller, is a completely overhauled controller that keeps the best parts of the DualShock 3 and fixes the worst. The analog sticks feel better, the triggers are more responsive, and the controller just feels better in the hand, It even features a built-in speaker. The only problem with the DualShock 4 has to be the light bar that marks which controllers are on and assigned to which players.

The latest DualShock 4 controller has indeed proven that there is still room for growth, as evident from the refreshed design and several cool new features.The Xbox One controller appears less bulky than the 360 one, while also adopting a much cleaner and more minimalistic design. It gets rid of the 360 controller’s colorful buttons and introduces a couple of practical changes too.

The Xbox One controller makes the shoulder buttons more responsive, the thumbsticks are micro-textured to provide better stability, the triggers are larger and more comfortable and the lower weight makes the controller much more comfortable to hold. After testing both controllers and comparing design, the DualShock 4 has to take the title in my opinion.