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How to select a Battery for your Laptop:

  • Know your Laptop Brand and model; Examples of Laptop Batteries for brands like Lenovo , Samsung , Acer and HP. Switch off your Laptop and then open the battery compartment to check for model information.
  • Verify before you buy; Look closely at the images of the battery you are about to purchase. If the battery connector doesn't look like the same connector on your current battery, then that may not be the right one.

How to select a charger for your laptop:

There are two main types of laptop adapters; DC and AC power adapters. They both convert electrical energy from a power source to ensure you're Laptop Charger a recharge. Although these adapters look similar and have similar looking inputs and outputs, their functions are quite different. In direct current (DC), the electric charge flows in one direction while in alternating current (AC) the electric charge changes direction. Another option for laptop owners is a universal power adapter. Though these adapters are a bit more costly, they can adapt to any power source and voltage meaning they can work on any laptop. Connector adaptors will vary so another factor to keep in mind when looking for a laptop adapter is to check that the connector is going to fit the laptop's power port.

Types of connectors:

  • Cylindrical Connectors: barrel connectors, they are hollow cylinder that connects to the laptop power port.
  • Snap and Lock Connector: This connector has three or four pins surrounded by a thin, metal cylinder
  • Molex Connector: Several insulated electrical wires are encased by a flat, plastic rectangular case with 3, 4, or 6 terminals
  • USB connector: Has a hollow, rectangular metal tip, containing two flat metal pins inside.

To avoid purchasing the wrong adapter, it is essential to check which type of adapter your Laptop is compatible with before purchase. Most adapters are marketed for specific models and brands of Laptops. The current and voltage will also be listed to make it easier for laptop owners to select the appropriate adapter for their devices.

What you should check in order to find the correct adapter:

  • Laptop power requirements; usually on a small sticker affixed under the laptop but many also be near the laptop power port. Look for the voltage and amperage required.
  • Laptop model number; usually also on a small sticker affixed under the laptop.
  • Go online and look up the model number to see if there are compatible adapters available, the amperage and the voltage of that adapter need to match the requirements of the Laptop.
  • Compare the connector type of the laptop adapter to the adapters you find online. If it matches then it can plug into your laptop.