We will fulfil orders on your behalf

Are you a merchant looking for a drop shipping partner? The merchant purchases the item from us via our website and then we have it shipped directly to the customer that they ordered it for. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the physical product.

Return Process

1. The customer contacts you to request a return. You collect the item from the customer and log a return with us.

2. You send the order number of the customer to us & then we process it. If the item was faulty within 30 days, then it is legible for a repair/replacement or a refund.

3. If the faulty item is legible for a Refund, then we will refund your account for the wholesale price of the merchandise. If the faulty product qualifies for a replacement & it was faulty within 30 days, then we will cover the shipping fee to bring it back to store but if the days exceed 30 then your customer is liable for the shipping fee.

4. You refund the customer for the full price of the merchandise