Universal external Laptop Battery charger and analyzer RFNT2

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Universal external Laptop Battery charger and analyzer RFNT2
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1. Functions:

*Charge: Two channels can work independently and serve two intelligent batteries separately. Active, pre-charge, constant current and constant voltage are the stages of charging mode. The initial charging mode depends on the battery voltage, so active and pre-charge don't happen to every batteries.

*Test: Testing time is 30seconds and the purpose is to check both the charging and discharging performances. After finishing test, LED flickers with green color and LCD reports the test result.

Normal: Test OK Shown on LCD

Abnormal: Test NG Shown on LCD

*Online Functions: Tester can be connected with master machine via a USB port. Users can monitor, control and set parameters via Battery Manager software in the master machine.


Battery information can be monitored via three windows.

Home screen

Battery bar and brief information can be read on home screen.

Battery detail information window

Show smart battery data in real time and the data can be saved and printed in image format.

Battery graph window

Voltage, current and capacity are traced in curves.


2. Features:

Supporting two intelligent batteries at once

With charge and test functions

LCD for displaying battery information

LED for indicating working status

Pre-charge, fast charge and constant voltage charge for charging stages

With a USB port for connecting with computers, master machine can monitoring and control slave machine


3. Operations:

Power Up

1) Connect the adapter to AC power source

2) Connect the tester with the adapter

LCD shows battery information and LED lights up for a moment if a battery has been connected to the tester.

Both LCD backlight and LED lights up for a moment if no battery has been connected to the tester.

Connecting Battery

1). Make sure the connecting wire fits the battery

2). Make sure the connecting wire is plugged into the battery socket in correct direction

3). Make sure no poor connections


1). Normal charge

Tester starts to charge your battery after you press the charge button. Battery information will be showed on LCD screen in real time.

2). Active charge

If the battery needs to be activated, tester cannot show any battery information. In this case, you should press the charge button to start up active charge. Tester will go into normal charge process after the battery is activated successfully.

Time limit of active charge: 60 seconds


Tester starts to test your battery after you press the test button. Charging / discharging current and test result will be showed on LCD screen.

Online Functions

1) Connect tester to your computer via USB cord

2) Startup Battery Manager

3) Refer to Battery Manager User Manual

Remarks: Battery Manager software and USB drive program should be installed in your computer before you use this function.


3. Basic Parameters:

Model RFNT2


Dimensions 201 x 99 x 35 mm

Weight 333g

Adapter Input: AC 100 ~ 240 V Output: DC 19V 4.74A

Display mode Segment LCD with white backlight

LED in red and green

Charging mode Constant current + constant voltage

Charging current

Maximum charging current of each channel: 2.5A

Standby power consumption ≤1W

Charging time Maximum 8 hours

Working temperature 0~40℃ 20%-90% RH (Non condensation)

Storage temperature -20℃~65℃ 10%-95% RH (Non condensation)

Accessories 1 * adapter,1*CD,14*connectors ,10*cables ,10*jumpers



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