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Toshiba Laptop Charger Power Supply Cord Cable Pin size 2.5X5.5mm

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Replacement Toshiba Laptop Charger (AC Adapter) Power Supply Cord Cable - Pin size 2.5mmX5.5mm

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Toshiba Laptop Charger (AC Adapter) Power Supply Cord Cable - Pin size 2.5mmX5.5mm


Voltage: 19V
Current: 3.42A
Power: 75W
Pin Size 2.5mm x 5.5mm
Item Includes:
1x AC Adapter
1x Free Power Cord

Compatible part number:

A000001200  A000001210  A000007020  A000007030  ACC10  ADP-65DB  ADP-65HB  ADP-75FB-A  ADT-W61  API1AD43  K000000550  K000004120  K000005050  K000019570  K000025320  K000027270  K000029300  K000032420  K000032580  K000040250  K000040270  K000040290  K000040460  K000041670  K000042840  K000043680  PA-1500-02  PA-1600-01  PA-1600-02  PA-1650-01  PA-1650-02  PA-1700-02  PA-1750-01  PA-1750-04  PA3165U-1ACA  PA3380E-1ACA  PA3380U-1ACA  PA3396E-1ACA  PA3396U-1ACA  PA3432E-1AC3  PA3432E-1ACA  PA3432U-1AC3  PA3432U-1ACA  PA3467  PA3467E  PA3467E-1ACA  PA3467U  PA3467U-1ACA  PA3468E  PA3468E-1ACA  PA3468U  PA3468U-1ACA SADP-65KB B  V000055210  V000055400  V000061300  V000061310  V000061690


Compatible laptop models:

Toshiba Satellite A100 Series: A100-151  A100-163  A100-188  A100-209  A100-259  A100-295  A100-500  A100-507  A100-508  A100-521  A100-522  A100-523  A100-525  A100-533  A100-570  A100-649  A100-S2211  A100-S2211TD  A100-S3211TD  A100-S8111  A100-S8111TD  A100-SP2022  A100-SP621  A100-ST2311  A100-ST3211

Toshiba Satellite A105 Series: A105  A105-S101  A105-S1012  A105-S1013  A105-S1014  A105-S101X  A105-S171  A105-S1712  A105-S171x  A105-S2001  A105-S2011  A105-S2021  A105-S2031  A105-S2051  A105-S2061  A105-S2071  A105-S2081  A105-S2091  A105-S2101  A105-S2111  A105-S2121  A105-S2131  A105-S2141  A105-S2194  A105-S2201  A105-S2204  A105-S2231  A105-S2236  A105-S271  A105-S2712  A105-S2713  A105-S2716  A105-S2717  A105-S2719  A105-S271X  A105-S361  A105-S3611  A105-S361X  A105-SP2012  A105-SP461

Toshiba Satellite A110 Series: A110-101  A110-177  A110-178  A110-203  A110-260  A110-289  A110-339  A110-370

Toshiba Satellite A130 Series: A130  A130-ST1311  A130-ST1313

Toshiba Satellite A135 Series: A135  A135-S2246  A135-S2256  A135-S2266  A135-S2276  A135-S2286  A135-S2296  A135-S2306  A135-S2326  A135-S2346  A135-S2356  A135-S2376  A135-S2386  A135-S2396  A135-S4407  A135-S4417  A135-S4427  A135-S4437  A135-S4447  A135-S4457  A135-S4467  A135-S4477  A135-S4478  A135-S4487  A135-S4488  A135-S4499  A135-S4517  A135-S4527  A135-S4656  A135-S4677  A135-S4827  A135-SP4016  A135-SP4036  A135-SP4048  A135-SP4058  A135-SP4088  A135-SP4108  A135-SP4156

Toshiba Satellite A200 Series: A200-10W  A200-10X  A200-10Z  A200-11C  A200-12F  A200-13L  A200-13O  A200-13R  A200-13T  A200-13U  A200-14D  A200-14E  A200-180  A200-18T  A200-19I  A200-19K  A200-19M  A200-1A9  A200-1AA  A200-1AB  A200-1AE  A200-1Ai  A200-1BP  A200-1BW  A200-1CC  A200-1CR  A200-1DA  A200-1DN  A200-1DQ  A200-1FJ  A200-1G6  A200-1GD  A200-1HU  A200-1M7  A200-ST2041  A200-ST2043

Toshiba Satellite A205 Series: A205  A205-S4537  A205-S4557  A205-S4567  A205-S4577  A205-S4578  A205-S4587  A205-S4597  A205-S4607  A205-S4617  A205-S4618  A205-S4629  A205-S4638  A205-S4639  A205-S4647  A205-S4707  A205-S4777  A205-S4797  A205-S7456  A205-SP4038  A205-SP4068

Toshiba Satellite A215 Series: A215-S4697  A215-S4717  A215-S4737  A215-S4747  A215-S4757  A215-S4767  A215-S4807  A215-S4817  A215-S48171  A215-S7407  A215-S7408  A215-S7414  A215-S7418  A215-S7421  A215-S7422  A215-S7427  A215-S7433  A215-S7437  A215-S7444  A215-S7447  A215-S7462  A215-SP401

Toshiba Satellite A85 Series: A80-S178  A85-S107  A85-S1071  A85-S1072  A85-SP107  A85-SP1072

Toshiba Satellite L10 Series: L10-100  L10-101  L10-104  L10-105  L10-130  L10-154  L10-190  L10-194  L10-226  L10-272  L10-SP104

Toshiba Satellite L15 Series: L15  L15-S104  L15-S1041  L15-SP104  L15-SP1041

Toshiba Satellite L20 Series: L20-101  L20-112  L20-118  L20-120  L20-121  L20-135  L20-155  L20-157  L20-159  L20-173  L20-188  L20-205  L20-256  L20-S310  L20-S310TD  L20-SP119  L20-SP131  L20-SP131  L20-SP231  P205-S6237

Toshiba Satellite L25 Series: L25  L25-S119  L25-S1192  L25-S1193  L25-S1194  L25-S1195  L25-S1196  L25-S121  L25-S1212  L25-S1213  L25-S1215  L25-S1216  L25-S1217  L25-SP121  L25-SP129  L25-SP139  L25-SP141  L25-SP151

Toshiba Satellite L30 Series: L30  L30-10P  L30-114  L30-115  L30-11E  L30-11H  L30-134  L30-140  L30-142

Toshiba Satellite L35 Series: L35  L35-S1054  L35-S2151  L35-S2161  L35-S2171  L35-S2174  L35-S2194  L35-S2316  L35-S2366  L35-SP1011  L35-SP2011  L35-SP2031  L35-SP2041  L35-SP2051  L35-SP2071  L35-SP4016  L35-SP4068  L35-SP4086  L35-SP4096  L35-SP4116

Toshiba Satellite L45 Series: L45-S2416  L45-S4687  L45-S7409  L45-S7419  L45-S7423  L45-S7424  L45-SP2036  L45-SP2046  L45-SP2056  L45-SP2066  L45-SP4016

Toshiba Satellite M105 M115 Series: M105-S1011  M105-S1021  M105-S1031  M105-S1041  M105-S10xx  M105-SP1011  M105-SP1021  M105-SP1031  M105-SP1041  M115-S1061  M115-S1064  M115-S1071  M115-S1074

Toshiba Satellite M200 M205 Series: M200-ST2002  M205-S3207  M205-S3217  M205-S7452  M205-S7453

Toshiba Satellite M30X Series: M30X  M30X-1593  M30X-214  M30X-40  M30X-60  M30X-80  M30X-S114  M30X-S1592  M30X-S1593  M30X-S171  M30X-S181  M30X-S191  M30X-S214  M30X-S221  M30X-s234  M30X-SP111  M30X-SP114

Toshiba Satellite M35X Series: M35X  M35X-114  M35X-149  M35X-S109  M35X-S111  M35X-S114  M35X-S1141  M35X-S1142  M35X-S1143  M35X-S149  M35X-S1491  M35X-S1492  M35X-S161  M35X-S1611  M35X-S163  M35X-S1631  M35X-S309  M35X-S3091  M35X-S311  M35X-S3111  M35X-S3112  M35X-S329  M35X-S3291  M35X-S349  M35X-S3491  M35X-SP111  M35X-SP114  M35X-SP161  M35X-SP171  M35X-SP181  M35X-SP311  M35X-SP349

Toshiba Satellite M40 M45 Series: M40-S312TD  M45-S165  M45-S1651  M45-S165X  M45-S169  M45-S1691

Toshiba Satellite M55 Series: M55-S1001  M55-S139  M55-S1391  M55-S139X  M55-S141

Toshiba Satellite M60 M65 Series: M60-S811  M60-S8112  M60-S9093  M65-S809  M65-S8091  M65-S8092  M65-S821  M65-S8211  M65-S9062  M65-S9063  M65-S9064  M65-S9065  M65-S909  M65-S9091  M65-S9092  M65-SP811  M65-SP959

Toshiba Satellite P205 Series: P205D-S7429  P205D-S7438  P205D-S7439  P205D-S7454  P205-S6237  P205-S6247  P205-S6257  P205-S6267  P205-S6287  P205-S6297  P205-S6298  P205-S6307  P205-S6337  P205-S6347  P205-S6348  P205-S7469  P205-S7476

Toshiba Satellite U305 Series: U305  U305-S5077  U305-S5087  U305-S5097  U305-S5107  U305-S5117  U305-S5127  U305-S7432  U305-S7446  U305-S7448  U305-S7467  U305-S7477  U305-SP5017  U305-SP5028  U305-SP5037

Toshiba Tecra L2 Series : L2-S011  L2-S022

Toshiba Satellite 1000 1100 1130 1200 Series: 1000-S157  1000-S158  1005-S157  1005-S158  1100-S101  1110-S153  1110-SP153  1115-S103  1115-S107  1115-S123  1115-SP153  1130-S155  1130-S156  1135-S125  1135-S155  1135-S1551  1135-S1552  1135-S1553  1135-S1554  1135-S156  1200-S121  1200-S122

Toshiba Satellite 1600 1700 Series: 1605CDS  1625CDT  1675CDS  1695CDT  1715XCDS  1730-S101  1735-S101  1750-S202  1755-S202

Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series: 3000-S304  3000-S307  3000-S353  3005-S303  3005-S304  3005-S307  3005-S308  3005-S403

Attention: Not compatible with:

Toshiba Satellite A105, P105 Series(may check out ourToshiba 15V adapter series): A105-S4001, A105-S4002, A105-S4004, A105-S4011, A105-S4012, A105-S4014, A105-S4021, A105-S4022, A105-S4024, A105-S4034, A105-S4051, A105-S4054, A105-S4064, A105-S4074, A105-S4084, A105-S4092, A105-S4094, A105-S4102, A105-S4104, A105-S4114, A105-S4124, A105-S4132, A105-S4134, A105-S4201, A105-S4204, A105-S4211, A105-S4214, A105-S4244, A105-S4254, A105-S4274, A105-S4284, A105-S4324, A105-S4334, A105-S4342, A105-S4344, A105-S4364, A105-S4384, A105-S4397, A105-S4547, P105-S6002, P105-S6004, P105-S6012, P105-S6014, P105-S6022, P105-S6024, P105-S6034, P105-S6054, P105-S6062, P105-S6064, P105-S6074, P105-S6084

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